Through the cooperation of various NGOs, the project TIATAS is developing a common mechanism that enables the transnational referral of trafficked persons to assistance structures on the ground (TRM).

This is done through

  • reinforcing the capacities of key front-line service providers in the asylum system for the early identification
  • safe referral of victims
  • improving meaningful access to rights and services for VoTs among TCNs in key asylum and reception facilities
  • sharing best practices and learnings to address transnational AT challenges in the context of asylum with decision/policy makers at national and EU-levels.


TIATAS aims to strengthen common practices and measures for early identification and safe referral to trauma-informed care of victims of trafficking (VoT) in the context of asylum procedures in line with EU standards through the development of a transnational referral mechanism (TRM). In doing so, it has three sub-objectives, each targeting different groups of people: Organizations in direct contact with trafficked persons, trafficked persons themselves, and decision-makers.

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