TIATAS stands for the „Transnational Initiative Against Trafficking in the context of Asylum Systems“.

TIATAS aims to improve the situation of victims of trafficking among refugees seeking asylum in the EU. In doing so, the AMIF-funded project combines specialized partners with required expertise, geographic presence, and networks in a consortium consisting of ARSIS (Greece)BeFree (Italy)Dedalus (Italy)IRC GermanyProyecto Esperanza (Spain)SICAR.cat (Spain) and STOP dem Frauenhandel (Germany).

The consortium aims to

  • improve early identification and support of trafficked persons at an early stage in the asylum process
  • strengthen common practices and measures for early identification in the EU
  • conduct safe referral nationally and transnationally of trafficked persons to trauma-informed care in asylum procedures in line with EU standards

The project builds on existing partnerships with local/regional public and civil society actors who are in contact with trafficked persons and persons at risk of trafficking in the context of asylum procedures to strengthen the implementation of the 2011 EU Anti-Trafficking Directive. The guidelines for safe and trauma-sensitive referrals developed jointly from the project, as well as the TIATAS Toolbox and the resource catalog, are to be made available to as many interested parties as possible and applied beyond the project.

The TIATAS project is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Union (101 038 518 – TIATAS – AMIF-2020-AG) from January 2022 to June 2023.